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Features & Benefits

  • Job site construction theft/fire protection
  • Site building theft/fire protection
  • Tool theft deterrent
  • Material theft
  • Material accountability and delivery confirmation
  • Insurance compliance/safety/fire/prevention
  • Insurance discounts
  • Alarm verification/quicker response from local authorities
  • After hours delivery verification
  • Limit liability
  • Drastically reduce/eliminate false alarms
  • Time and attendance verification
  • Efficient & remote access and control of multiple sites
  • Video guard tours
  • On site and off site real time Digital Video Recording
  • Interactive video and 2 way voice
  • 24 hour monitoring
  • Portable/flexible applications
  • Large sites/multiple access points
  • Reduce overhead cost by replacing contract officers
  • More eyes in more directions at all times
  • Low light or no light locations

SITE SECURITY USA is keeping watch with extra eyes and ears to give you peace of mind with all your security needs.

SITE SECURITY USA has you covered, whether you need temporary or permanent eyes.

Look at OPTIONS to see some of the possibilities.

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